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The Rolla Public Library seeks to enrich and strengthen the lives of the community by connecting individuals to ideas, information, and each other.

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Come find us at Music on Main! July 24th we will be there.

Our summer reading is scheduled for August 6th. “Tales and Tails”

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June 1, 2021

August 3, 2021

October 5, 2021

December 7, 2021


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Books of the Month

All About Feelings
 by Felicity Brooks and Frankie Allen
Illustrated by Mar Ferrero

    “How are you feeling today?  This exciting exploration of different emotions helps young children learn to answer this important question in a lively and engaging way.”
     This and other Usborne books have recently arrived in our library.  Two of them are “flashlight” books, there is one on art, another on sea creatures, and lastly “1001 Things to Do on Vacation.”

The Adventures of Robin Hood

By Russell Punter and Matteo Pincelli

     England 1194.  The poor folk of Nottingham find themselves at the mercy of the heartless, money-grabbing Sheriff.  But deep in Sherwood Forest, rebellion is brewing.  Join brave Robin Hood and his band of daring friends as they pit their wits against the Sheriff and his ruthless ally, Guy of Gisbourne.  Swashbuckling thrills come thick and fast in the action-packed graphic legend.  Join Robin Hood and other classic characters in the Usborne Graphic Legend Series this summer.  


By Robin Cook

     This is a gripping novel of bacterial poisoning and corporate malevolence, from the dean of medical thrillers.  With trademark pulse-pounding flair, Robin Cook delivers a cutting-edge thriller, borrowing from today’s fears and tomorrow’s headlines. Toxin is roller-coaster entertainment.

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